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Frequently Asked Questions

I do not have any LamaX missions
I don't see the sceneries
I don't see the Zermatt-Gotthard train
The helicopter or the scenery is not at the right place at the start of a mission
The objects are not visible (typical @ Zermatt sling load)
The helicopter is below the platform or the turbine runs awkwardly (Zermatt sling rescue)
I can't start the Engine
I can't see the passengers inside the cabine
The Zermatt-Train is half into the Terrain, the Scenery seems to be all to low or not exactly.
I crash allways aproaching the plattforms.
Where can I find the Manuals?
I cant't find the AutogenTool for Zermatt by Reinstalling the Lama "X"
Installation issue?
Disapeared Mission Categories
First start question "Dou you want to run this software?"

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