FS Sud Aviation SA315B Lama for FS2004

Flight Simulator Videos Lama

Lama V4.0 release at 2005, July 5th

New conception, upgrade for V3.0 users available

The Lama V4.0

More detailed aircraft models 20 different models for different configurations:Passenger Lama with Mission-Equipment and Heli SkiingTransport Lama with different loads and Bamby-Bucket for Fire-fighting

Winch Opreation Lama with new Winch Operator

Long line Rescue Operation Lama

Skids and Basket or Emergency Floats and 3D Cockpit with and without GPS on every Model

New Floats Lama for Adventure Missions

New Sand filter Equipment for Desert Operations

new “Event panel switchboard” with new switches for easier use. One Panel for each Model

the basket and the skids are now independent from the winch, to switch on and off in all configurations.

new built, accurate rotor system with new detailed rotor heads (main and tail rotor)

new Gauges for more realism

the cockpit light is separated from the battery with a own switch

a new sunshade inside the cockpit with a own switch

reworked start up (longer electric starter sequence) for more realism.

new flight dynamics, smoother tail rotor, now full compatible with the fs9.1 upgrade by Microsoft.

The Winch Lama

The Lama contains a working Winch system. You can move it up and down for rescue. You can hook up a lifeguard and a climber. the winch is now permanent visible.

new winch operator on the door.The Passengers Lama

There is a new third passenger on the back seat. Heli-skiing and Mission Equipment in the Basket

The Sling Cargo Lama the long line rescue operation on the sling hook is back.

the cow has passed a diet. She looks now slender then before. More detailed cargo sling hook.

the Bamby-Bucket is on a shorter line.

the Load is on the ground before take off and after landing.

new Sling load weight indicator gauge.

The Spray Lama

In this model, the spray unit is back. Type and hold the “I” key to spray.

The Fire Fighter Lama new Model with water-tank and water hose on ground.The Floats Lamanew Model with Floats for adventure missions General

Contains user manuals in German, French and English. Easy to repaint textures. More then 30 liveries from different operators available. Customer support and support forum.

Also included:

"FS Lama" movie of the FS2004 Lama
"The real thing" movie of the real Aerospatiale SA315B Lama

Original Lama Flight Manual as PDF


The package is distributed as pay ware (upgrade available for Lama V3.0 users) as download and boxed (FSQuality Add-ons) versions on only for personal use (including virtual airline operations) with Microsoft Flight Simulator. The files included in the package may not be decompiled for any purpose nor be used in any other way than as described. Repaints must be published as separate archives without any original files.

Copyright (c) 2005 Peter Salzgeber.

FS Lama V4 for FS2004